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Contributions to Shah Ally for Civil Court are not tax deductible for any purpose under the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions by individuals, associations, PACs, unions, partnerships and LLCs are limited to $33,093 per donor for the Primary Election and $48,559 per donor for the General Election. Partnership contributions over $2,500.00 must be apportioned by each partner’s partnership interest. Contributions from corporations are limited to $5,000.00 in total aggregate giving to all New York State candidates per calendar year. Contributions to a judicial candidate totaling $2,500.00 by an individual or attorney, or $3,500.00 by a group of attorneys and their client may require reassignment of cases involving those individuals from being heard by that judicial candidate. See Rule 151 of the Rules of the Chief Administrator for further guidance. State Law requires that contributions be made in the contributor’s own name and be made from the contributor’s own funds. By making a contribution you are affirming that your contribution is being made from your own personal funds, that you are not being reimbursed in any manner, and that your contribution is not intended to be a loan. You must be at least 18 years of age and a US Citizen or Legal Resident to contribute.

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The information contained in this Web site is not legal advice and is provided "as is."


The photographs of U.S. Reps. Espaillat and Maloney are Copyright by the U.S. Congress are in the Public Domain.

The photograph of Gale Brewer is Copyright by the Manhattan Borough President's Office as is in the Public Domain.

The photograph of Mark Levin is CC BY-SA 4.0 by the New York City Council.

The source of the photograph of Ydanis Rodriquez is Twitter and is reproduced here under Fair Use.

The photograph of Keith Powers is Copyright by the New York City Council and is in the Public Domain.

The photographs of Dan Quart and Carmen de la Rose are Copyright by the New York State Assembly and are in the Public Domain.

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